Me, Myself and I according to my internet history.


This is me. More accurately, it is a word cloud assembled from a very quick (read: hour and a half) scouring of my internet history from the past week. The words were collected via the painstaking process of opening up my History and typing the website descriptions into a word document then pasting the entire thing into Tagul. And here’s the thing, open as I am about literally everything I do there are still things I chose not to include on this. Names of family and friends, clickbait articles and the thousand pop ups that you get when you watch things online.

Imagine the kind of information you could get if you actually went looking.


About frenzysista

Hannah has often been informed that she is intelligent and has the potential to achieve great things. She generally agrees that the potential could be there but is also a terrible procrastinator and lazy to boot. She currently resides in Victoria and lavishes about 38% of her attention on studying the mystical thing that is the creative arts. The other 62% of her time is divided unevenly between celebrating her fandoms online, sleeping, learning how not to talk to people and saving the world. Oh, and writing. Definitely that thing. In other words, you're reading the thoughts of one highly opinionated, entirely sleep deprived fangirl-y adult
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